barbara dimmick

selected works

"...wonderfully engrossing and haunting..."
--Library Journal (starred review)
“…a story of loss and grief…engrossing and thoughtful.”


From Publishers Weekly
A woman unsettled by early loss--her parents, a sister, a beloved aunt and riding teacher--seeks solace in the unswerving loyalty of horses….Natalie Baxter, nearly 40 when the story begins, has spent her adult life fixated on horses, drifting from farm to farm until she finds herself perilously close to her hometown of Bethlehem, Pa…..Dimmick provides a fine look at the Lehigh Valley, the working-class, Moravian-influenced towns that depended for so long on steel mills and subsidiary industries and paid a heavy price in accidental and chemically caused deaths. Natalie has felt cut off from her roots ever since she left the valley, impelled to escape memories of a complicated childhood. Now she is drawn to a hobbled black horse named Twister…. Natalie's coming to terms with her life, and her jolting ride toward redemption turn out to be absorbing.
--Copyright 1998 Reed Business Information, Inc

From The Orlando Sentinel
“It’s been a long time since I’ve read a well-written novel about horses that was salted with equine details right on target….Dimmick really knows her stuff….Instantly puts In The Presence Of Horses heads above Nicholas Evans’ The Horse Whisperer.

From The New York Times Book Review
”All the traditional lingo and lore tucked into Barbara Dimmick's first novel is evidence of her inspired pursuit of her favorite animal, the horse.”
--Sally Eckhoff